US: Ukrainian UAV raids on Russian territory were ineffective
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US: Ukrainian UAV raids on Russian territory were ineffective

(Dan Tri) – US Department of Defense officials admitted that Ukraine’s UAV attacks deep into Russian territory were not as effective as expected.

A Russian oil refinery in the Ryazan region caught fire after a Ukrainian raid last month (Photo: Reuters).

The Pentagon has no evidence that Ukraine’s attacks on Russian infrastructure have reduced Moscow’s military capabilities, said Celeste Wallander, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for National Security Affairs.

Since January, Ukraine has launched more than a dozen long-range attacks on Russian energy facilities, including oil depots and refineries, using suicide drones to cause damage.

During the hearing, Ms. Wallander said that so far, Ukraine’s attacks have not affected the Russian military.

`The attacks on Russian energy facilities did not significantly change Moscow’s ability to conduct hostilities,` she said. `The evidence we have shows that Russia quickly repaired the facilities.`

Several members of the House Armed Services Committee raised questions about Ukraine’s drone attacks as well as concerns previously raised by President Joe Biden administration officials.

Ms. Wallander said that some of Ukraine’s attacks have targeted privately owned energy facilities in Russia.

Previously, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that Washington is worried that world oil prices will skyrocket if Ukraine steps up its attack on Russian oil facilities.

He emphasized: `Ukraine should better pursue tactical and operational goals that can directly affect the current war.`

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the US `reacted not positively on this issue`.

However, so far, there is no sign that Ukraine will respond to the US request to stop attacks on Russian oil processing facilities.

Kiev initially said that those UAV raids were intended to disrupt the fuel supply to the Russian military and `deal a symbolic blow by bringing the war closer to Moscow`.

In a recent interview, President Zelensky asserted that it is a form of deterrence because Kiev is running out of missiles for air defense systems aided by the West.

`We used our drones (for cross-border raids). No one can tell us you can’t do that. Without an air defense system to protect

In response to Kiev’s raids, Russia has carried out a series of retaliatory attacks in recent weeks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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