Ukraine stuck by `bottleneck`, Russia attacks strongly
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Ukraine stuck by `bottleneck`, Russia attacks strongly

(Dan Tri) – The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that Ukraine lacks air defense at the front and this creates favorable conditions for Russian troops to attack strongly and advance quickly.

Ukrainian T-72 tank (Illustration photo: Skynews).

According to ISW, due to the deterioration of the Ukrainian air defense system on the front, the Russian air force supported the rapid and consistent successes of Russian troops on the ground, including at the `epicenter` of Chasov Yar.

Defense analysts believe that the air defense system remains limited and degraded, leaving Kiev stuck in a `bottleneck`, allowing Russian aircraft to operate freely and without threat in some areas

The fact that Russian aircraft can operate relatively comfortably at a depth of more than 100km in Ukrainian airspace near the front line without suffering significant losses shows that the air defense system in the area is not capable of preventing or shooting down the aircraft.

Kiev’s ability to conduct long-range attacks against Russian strategic aircraft participating in raids could temporarily limit enemy air operations, as they have done with tactical aircraft.

However, their offensive capabilities cannot compensate for the serious lack of air defense capabilities across the entire front.

Ukraine stuck by `bottleneck`, Russia attacks strongly

War map of Ukraine on April 19.

Notable comments in ISW’s April 19 report:

First, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has just announced Russia’s intention to occupy Kharkov in a future large-scale offensive campaign.

As such, he became the first senior Kremlin official to publicly identify the city as a possible target for Moscow’s operations following recent warnings from Kiev that Russian troops may try to seize the city.

Second, Ukrainian officials said that Kiev forces for the first time shot down a Russian aircraft conducting a missile attack on the night of April 18 and early morning of April 19, demonstrating their ability to limit Russia’s actions.

Third, Ukraine’s air defense system is still limited and degraded, allowing Russian aircraft to operate freely and without threat in some important areas of the front.

Fourth, President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that Kiev needs Western supplies of artillery shells, air defense systems, artillery and long-range missile systems as well as fighter aircraft, as Ukraine continues to face limitations.

Fifth, Russian forces have recently made confirmed advances on the Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Donetsk fronts.

Sixth, the Russian Ministry of Defense continues to expand the newly reformed Leningrad military district to prepare for an expected large-scale conventional conflict with NATO in the future.

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