The Secret Quartet tightens the `siege` to deal with China
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The Secret Quartet tightens the `siege` to deal with China

(Dan Tri) – Quad leaders reviewed plans to implement the agenda after the first summit, including the goal of dealing with China.

US President Joe Biden (left) and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken attended the Quad’s online meeting at the White House in Washington on March 12 (Photo: Bloomberg).

On March 12, leaders in the `Quad` group had their first summit meeting, making commitments to cooperate on Covid-19 vaccines, supply chains and technology.

Although not mentioned directly, China still `overshadows` the meeting of the leaders of the US, Japan, India and Australia, when Beijing is seen as both a threat but also an opportunity.

The Quad Summit emphasized the US government’s focus on Asia

The first high-level meeting between the US and China under President Joe Biden was not a smooth start on March 18 in Alaska, in which the top diplomats of the two countries constantly attacked each other, even more so.

The Quad summit attracted attention with the announcement that the group will promote the supply of one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine to Southeast Asia, combining production, financing, logistics

The role of the Quad for Japan

Japan sees the Quad as an alignment of democracies to further promote the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) vision, which shifts the focus from the maritime sector to other sectors

Japan sees the Quad as a `tool` to restrain China’s influence in the context of tensions between the two major countries in Asia continuing to escalate.

Border dispute with China changes India’s strategic calculations

At the Quad summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the group’s agenda as `a driving force for global good`.

However, China certainly remains a strong factor in the calculations of all four Quad members.

Promoting Quad security helps address Australia’s concerns

The prospect of enhanced security partnerships with the US, India and Japan has been highly anticipated by Australia.

In a speech to a meeting of parliamentarians from his ruling coalition, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the enhanced status of the four-party partnership – the Quad – is a historic event that sends a message.

China’s concerns about the Quad

The Secret Quartet tightens the `siege` to deal with China

Japanese leaders attended the Quad’s online meeting in Tokyo on March 12 (Photo: AFP).

The joint statement by the US, India, Australia and Japan after the recent summit did not mention China.

In a statement released just hours before the Quad held its first summit, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry warned Quad countries against `targeting or harming interests.`

India’s vaccine capacity drives new Quad initiative

India’s pharmaceutical capacity is at the heart of the initiative launched by the Quad to deliver one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines by the end of next year.

Officials from Quad member countries are studying the details of the Quad Vaccine Partnership program, considering the possibility of vaccinating nearly all people in Asia, outside of the two most populous countries.

The Quad’s commitment to peace and conflict

The leaders of Japan, the US, Australia and India have agreed to address a variety of issues facing the world.

At the first summit, Quad leaders confirmed they would promote vaccine distribution to developing countries.

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