The President of Ukraine explained the reason for signing the law lowering the military recruitment age
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The President of Ukraine explained the reason for signing the law lowering the military recruitment age

(Dan Tri) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky explains why he decided to sign a law lowering the mobilization age to 25.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Reuters).

Ukraine needs young soldiers with better physical strength and familiarity with technology, President Volodymyr Zelensky on April 22 answered a journalist’s question about why the military enlistment age in Ukraine was reduced from 27 to

The President of Ukraine said: `We need to form brigades to replace those that have been at the front for the past 2 years. For this to happen and for them to become suitable replacements, the troops

With all due respect to our soldiers, we say there is a difference between a 25-year-old soldier and a 50-year-old soldier.

Mr. Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine needs young people on the battlefield today because the younger generation grasps technology much better and faster.

`In any case, we need to understand that the new generation is very tech-savvy. They understand it, they created it all with their own hands. Their brains created it,` he explained.

In May 2023, the Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of a bill lowering the age limit for conscripts from 27 to 25. However, the military age is a sensitive issue in Ukraine after 2 years of outbreaks.

Last winter, Mr. Zelensky said he would only sign the bill if he received convincing arguments about the need to do so.

Therefore, it was not until April this year that he officially signed the bill.

Previously, Ukrainian officials repeatedly admitted that military recruitment was becoming difficult because of psychological fatigue caused by the war.

Ukraine announced a general mobilization order immediately after the start of the conflict with Russia in February 2022.

However, Ukraine’s military recruitment campaign has faced a number of negative developments and draft evasion.

In addition, in his speech on April 22, Mr. Zelensky revealed that an agreement on ATACMS missiles for HIMARS was reached after discussing with US President Joe Biden.

It is unclear which type of ATACMS missile Ukraine is referring to.

Over the weekend, the US House of Representatives passed a bill to resume military aid to Ukraine after a half-year hiatus.

Mr. Zelensky also called on the West to increase aid to Ukraine with air defense systems, especially modern complexes like Patriot.

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