The Dutch capital announced a plan to relocate the `red light district`
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The Dutch capital announced a plan to relocate the `red light district`

(Dan Tri) – Officials of the capital Amsterdam, Netherlands announced a plan to move the `red light district` on roads that have existed for hundreds of years to a new area.

The Red Light District is a famous place in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Photo: Reuters).

Amsterdam officials have revealed plans to relocate the `red light district` to an area in the south of the city as part of a proposal to change the image of the Dutch capital and reduce crime and increase

Mayor Femke Halsema said on December 18 that Europa Avenue has been identified as the most suitable location.

Ms Halsema has long been a vocal opponent of the centuries-old `red light district`, commonly known as De Wallen.

`This plan (the location of the new entertainment center) will be presented to the city council early next year,` she emphasized, adding that it is expected to take 7 years for the center to open.

Europa Avenue, near Amsterdam’s commercial district, is one of three proposed locations for a prostitution center, which is expected to have 100 rooms for sex workers.

Prostitution is legal in the Dutch capital, but only in specific, licensed locations.

The Dutch capital wants to move the famous doorways into a building in an effort to enhance the image of the capital Amsterdam, as well as reduce crime in the area.

The current red light district receives many complaints about overcrowding with drunk tourists, noise, and lack of respect for prostitutes and the people living here.

However, this plan has faced opposition from sex workers as well as residents and businesses near where the new prostitution center is expected to be located.

One sex worker said: `The plan to relocate the red light district is because De Wallen has become too crowded, but it’s not the sex workers’ fault, so I don’t understand why we

The European Medicines Agency also opposed the move.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people have signed a petition protesting the relocation of the `red light district` and instead calling on police to increase security patrols in De Wallen.

Ms Halsema has faced opposition from suburban residents who don’t want a new porn center on their doorstep, as well as sex workers who feel they are being made `scapegoats`.

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