Split from the Venezuela crisis
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Split from the Venezuela crisis

The views of countries around the world on the Venezuela crisis are also different, even strongly confrontational.

Venezuela is entering the biggest political crisis in recent decades.

The country is divided in two

Venezuela is deeply divided.

On the other hand, the military command and the cabinet also support Mr. Maduro.

Of the 32 government ministers, nine have military backgrounds and they control important sectors such as defense, home affairs, agriculture, food and especially the state oil company PDVSA, a

Meanwhile, Mr. Guaido also received the support of a large number of Venezuelans.

In June 2017, the parliament established a parallel supreme court, but they have no real power.

Venezuelan President Maduro (left), US President Donald Trump (center) and self-proclaimed president Guaido.

The world is also divided in two

The Venezuela crisis also shows the division of the international community.

The US and EU believe that the election that brought Mr. Maduro to Venezuela for a second term late last year was invalid, despite Venezuela’s repeated denials.

The Bank of England has blocked Venezuela’s request to withdraw the $1.2 billion in gold reserves that Caracas deposited here.

In a statement on the evening of January 23 (local time), Mr. Pompeo did not acknowledge the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro’s administration.

Major countries in the EU, including Britain, France, Germany, and Spain, issued an ultimatum to Mr. Maduro on January 26, demanding that re-election be held within the next eight days, otherwise it will be official.

However, the ultimatum was immediately rejected by Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Russia, China, Türkiye, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran and some other countries support Mr. Maduro’s government.

Like Russia, China issued a statement `opposing the intervention of external forces in Venezuela’s affairs`.

The United Nations is `hot` about Venezuela. At the request of the US, the United Nations Security Council on January 26 (local time) met about the situation in Venezuela.

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