Russia launched special weapons to protect the Black Sea Fleet from attack
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Russia launched special weapons to protect the Black Sea Fleet from attack

(Dan Tri) – Russia has equipped the Black Sea Fleet with new drones to deal with Ukraine’s raids.

Russian warships in the Black Sea (Photo: New York Times).

According to Mash channel, one of the most popular Russian channels on Telegram, Russia is equipping the Black Sea Fleet with new first-person view (FPV) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Mash said these UAVs are equipped with fragmentation warheads that can be detonated remotely.

`To destroy an enemy boat filled with explosives, a remote mine is enough. The operator only needs to (fly the UAV) onto the enemy boat and press the button. Then a powerful explosion will occur

The online channel also shared a video allegedly showing Black Sea Fleet engineers testing drones in one of the bays in Crimea.

The Ukrainian military confirmed in March that Russia was `testing` FPV drones equipped with advanced communications systems.

FPV drones played an important role for both Moscow and Kiev in the air battle over Ukraine.

Defense Express reported that Ukrainian communications and electronic warfare expert Sergei `Flash` Beskrestnov said that Russia has improved its low-cost FPV UAV, adding features that can increase

`For the first time, I saw a video from a Russian FPV drone with machine vision and automatic target acquisition functions. Furthermore, it was in thermal imaging mode,` he said.

Machine vision is a technology that helps UAVs have the ability to inspect, review and analyze automatically based on images, thereby making relevant decisions.

According to expert Ukarine, this Russian technology is still quite rudimentary, but Moscow has begun to deploy it on the front lines.

Even so, the application of technology is significant.

Basically, the use of such `modernized` drones will help Russian UAVs bypass Ukraine’s electronic warfare system.

In addition, because UAVs can operate more automatically, Russia does not need operators with too much experience because it does not require too complicated operations to reach the target and attack.

Although Russia’s improved FPV UAV is more expensive, its machine vision and automatic target acquisition feature will help it be more effective in hitting moving targets, increasing its range.

Ukraine said that the effort to equip the Black Sea Fleet with new FPV drones shows that the Russian military is trying to overcome gaps in fleet protection.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has suffered heavy losses from Ukrainian raids since the conflict began in February 2022.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps said in December last year that Russia had lost 20% of the Black Sea Fleet in the previous 4 months, and declared that `Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea is being challenged`.

Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, also said on March 6 that one-third of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet had been destroyed after attacks since the beginning of the conflict.

Ukraine’s persistent attacks, in which Kiev often uses naval drones and drones as well as Western-supplied cruise missiles, have pushed Russia east of the Black Sea, threatening its security.

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