Mr. Xi Jinping stated the conditions for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine
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Mr. Xi Jinping stated the conditions for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – Chinese President Xi Jinping said that any peace negotiations on Ukraine must be recognized by both Russia and Ukraine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) and French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Reuters).

Speaking during his visit to France on May 6, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he supports an international conference on peace in Ukraine only if the conference is recognized by both Moscow and Kiev.

`History has shown that conflicts can only be resolved by negotiation,` the Chinese leader emphasized, noting that there should be equal participation of all parties and fair discussion of all

Mr. Xi Jinping seemed to be referring to the global peace conference on Ukraine organized by Switzerland next June at the request of Kiev.

The Swiss government confirmed that Russia was not invited at this stage, but affirmed that future negotiations cannot do without Russia.

Mr. Xi Jinping warned all parties not to defame China over the Ukraine conflict, and emphasized that Beijing is playing an `active role` in efforts to find a peaceful solution.

`We [China] oppose using this crisis to blame a third country and tarnish its image and incite a new Cold War,` he said.

China has also long urged peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and introduced a 12-point peace plan to end the conflict in Ukraine.

Beijing’s proposal includes calls for an end to hostilities, a resumption of peace negotiations, an abandonment of the `Cold War mentality` and respect for the sovereignty of all nations.

Support a ceasefire during the Olympics

During yesterday’s meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr. Xi Jinping also expressed support for France’s call for a global ceasefire during the Olympics in Paris this summer.

As a member of the United Nations Security Council and a responsible country, China joins France in calling for a world ceasefire during the Paris Olympics,` said President

Suspending armed conflict under the `Olympic truce` is a long-standing tradition and Mr. Macron vowed to strive to achieve this when Paris hosts the Olympics from late July to late August.

French officials hope the Chinese leader’s support is a sign that he can use his influence to persuade Russia to reach a truce when President Vladimir Putin visits Beijing later this month.

French diplomatic sources said that Mr. Xi also sent a clear signal that Beijing had no intention of providing weapons for Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

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