Mr. Trump stated the conditions for granting aid to Ukraine
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Mr. Trump stated the conditions for granting aid to Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – Former President Donald Trump said he does not object to supporting Ukraine, but it must be in the form of loans, instead of donations.

Former US President Donald Trump at a joint press conference with House Speaker Mike Johnson on April 12 (Photo: Reuters).

`Right now, we’re looking at making it a loan, instead of a gift,` Mr. Trump said when asked if he would support Ukraine aid legislation if House Speaker Mike Johnson

In addition, he also emphasized that European allies need to support Ukraine commensurate with the level of US support.

The US has been the largest aid country to Ukraine since Russia launched a special military campaign in February 2022.

After many months, the US Congress has still not been able to approve an additional aid package of more than 60 billion USD for Kiev.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson is both facing the risk of being removed from office and under increasing pressure over the additional aid bill for Ukraine.

ABC News quoted sources familiar with the matter on April 11 saying that Mr. Johnson is discussing with the White House a bill that would convert part of the aid to Ukraine into loans, paving the way for the US to use frozen Russian assets.

In recent weeks, Republican congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene repeatedly attacked Mr. Johnson to warn him not to promote any aid package for Ukraine.

In March, Ms. Greene sent a petition to remove Mr. Johnson from office amid anger from conservatives about his handling of controversies related to the government budget.

For his part, in yesterday’s press conference, Mr. Trump said he fully supported Mr. Johnson.

`It’s not an easy situation for any House speaker. I think he’s doing a very good job. I support him. We have a very good relationship,` Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump, who is sure to be nominated to represent the Republican Party to run for president of the United States later this year, began expressing his support for aid to Ukraine in the form of a loan in February this year.

Before that, he basically opposed the US spending billions of dollars on Ukraine.

He also announced that he could resolve this conflict within 24 hours if re-elected.

Accordingly, he will seek to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table through relationships with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

`If Ukraine wants to continue receiving aid then they have to sit down and negotiate, and if Russia doesn’t want us to provide large amounts of new assistance to Ukraine then they have to sit down and negotiate. That doesn’t mean

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