`Insider` Joe Biden speaks out amid the Trump impeachment scandal
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`Insider` Joe Biden speaks out amid the Trump impeachment scandal

(Dan Tri) – Former Vice President Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of soliciting foreign help to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden (Photo: Getty)

Speaking to attendees at a private fundraising event in California on September 26, former Vice President Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of trying to `manipulate the election` of the US president in 2020 by

“He wants to receive help from abroad to win the election,” a source attending the event quoted Mr. Biden saying about the current US president.

`No one in my family did anything wrong,` Mr. Biden affirmed.

Mr. Biden, the Democratic candidate, is currently a serious opponent of President Trump in the race to the White House in 2020. Some opinions suspect that Mr. Trump is taking advantage of this scandal to bring down his opponent ahead of time.

Former Vice President Biden’s statement came after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on September 24 that the House of Representatives would officially open an investigation to pave the way for the impeachment process against President Trump.

During the phone call, Mr. Trump is said to have urged Mr. Zelensky to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, whom Mr. Trump accused of engaging in suspicious activities while working.

On September 26, the US House Intelligence Committee announced the complaint of President Trump’s whistleblower to the Inspector General of the US Intelligence Community.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly criticized President Trump over the scandal involving his son.

In his first interview with the Washington Post since the denunciation against President Trump was published, former Ukrainian prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko said that Mr. Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, had

“From the perspective of Ukrainian law, he did not violate anything.

During the phone call with President Zelensky, Mr. Trump is said to have asked Ukraine to investigate the possibility of Mr. Biden abusing his power to help Burisma, the energy company where Hunter Biden is a member of the executive board, not be prosecuted in 2016.

The former prosecutor general of Ukraine told the Washington Post that until he resigned in August, he never received any help from American investigators, even after a phone call between the President

`No group of Americans went to Ukraine to participate in the investigation,` Mr. Lutsenko said.


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