France left the door open to send troops to Ukraine, Russia issued a strong warning
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France left the door open to send troops to Ukraine, Russia issued a strong warning

(Dan Tri) – The Kremlin warns that the French President’s statement about sending troops to Ukraine is very dangerous.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov (Photo: Tass).

`This statement is very important and very dangerous. France, represented by the French head of state, constantly talks about the possibility of its direct participation – on the ground – in the conflict in Ukraine. This is a trend

Previously, in an interview with the Economist on May 2, French President Emmanuel Macron stated two conditions for sending troops to Ukraine: Kiev’s request and Russia’s breakthrough on the front line.

`If Russia breaks through Ukraine’s front lines and if there is a request from Ukraine, then we need to consider (sending troops into Ukraine),` President Macron said.

According to Mr. Macron, what happened during more than 2 years of war between Russia and Ukraine shows that no option should be ruled out.

`I have a clear strategic goal: Russia cannot win in Ukraine. If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe. Who can pretend to believe that Russia will stop there? There will be security

President Macron caused controversy in February after declaring that the West had not ruled out sending troops to Ukraine and that these countries would do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine.

The statement was issued after a meeting of about 20 Western leaders to discuss options for further support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Mr. Macron’s views received support from leaders of several countries.

Russia repeatedly criticized the French leader’s statements as dangerous, and warned of the risk of a nuclear conflict if the West sent troops into Ukraine.

In addition to the French President’s statement, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s statement on May 3 also faced opposition from Russia.

Mr. Cameron announced that Britain would give Ukraine 3 billion pounds each year as long as possible and did not object to Kiev using weapons donated by London to target Russia.

Reacting to Mr Cameron’s statement about Ukraine’s right to attack Russian territory, a Kremlin spokesman said: `We see a pattern of escalation by issuing statements from officials. We see

`This is a direct escalation of tensions around the Ukraine conflict, potentially posing a threat to European security, as well as to the entire European security structure,` Mr. Peskov said.

The Kremlin spokesman described the British Foreign Secretary’s remarks as `a very dangerous statement`.

`We note a dangerous trend of escalating tensions in official statements. This is worrying,` Mr. Peskov emphasized.

Meanwhile, Russian Congressman Dmitry Belik declared: `The West has long decided to use long-range missiles on Russian territory and Cameron has publicly expressed this… We are constantly strengthening

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