Compare Israeli and Ukrainian air defenses in disrupting attacks
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Compare Israeli and Ukrainian air defenses in disrupting attacks

(Dan Tri) – The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has released a report comparing the air defense capabilities of Israel and Ukraine in repelling attacks from the enemy.

Israel’s Iron Dome defense complex (Photo: SANDBOXX).

Analysts at ISW point out that Ukraine’s air defense system is exhausted due to delays in US military support.

Israel succeeded in defending against Iran’s large-scale missile and drone attack launched from its territory on April 13.

That has highlighted the weakness of Ukraine’s geographic location and continued deterioration in its air defense system, greatly affecting Kiev’s efforts to counter missile and drone attacks.

The ISW report reads: `The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched about 170 Shahed-136/131 drones, 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles at many targets in

The ISW report notes that the Russian military has tested cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and drones for raids of various scales and combinations, and now they regularly carry out raids.

Iran’s onslaught was said to be significantly less successful than Russia’s recent raids in Ukraine, when Israeli air defense forces intercepted almost all of about 320 air targets, foreign to Russia.

Iranian drones and missiles had to travel more than 1,000km through the airspace of Iraq, Syria and Jordan before reaching their targets, giving Israel and its allies several hours to detect, track and intercept.

On the contrary, Russia has launched drones and missiles from Russian territory or areas controlled by Moscow, giving Ukraine’s air defenses only a fraction of the time that Israel and its allies had to fight back.

In addition, Israel has a powerful air defense system, responsible for responding to the risk of cross-border lightning attacks from neighboring countries, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, while this force is from Ukraine.

Ukraine also does not have the ability to carry out air-to-air interception operations with fighters like Israel and its allies did on the night of April 13.

The deterioration of the Ukrainian air defense system provided by the US, along with improvements in tactics, has led to an increase in the effectiveness of Russia’s offensive campaign.

Without significant and consistent security assistance to Ukraine, Russia’s attacks risk limiting Ukraine’s long-term combat capabilities and enabling Moscow to gain significant battlefield advantages.

`Ukraine needs a significant number of Western air defense systems and fighter aircraft capable of intercepting UAVs and missiles to create a common, remotely effective air defense umbrella, such as the one that

Russia’s offensive campaign against Ukraine demonstrates that even a limited number of successful ballistic or cruise missile attacks can cause significant and potentially long-lasting damage.

Therefore, Kiev needs an effective and well-equipped air defense system capable of maintaining a high level of interception.

Compare Israeli and Ukrainian air defenses in disrupting attacks

Ukraine’s Strela-10 air defense missile complex (Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine).

Notable comments in ISW’s April 14 report:

First, Israel succeeded in defending against Iran’s large-scale missile and drone attacks launched from its territory on April 13.

This highlights the weakness that Ukraine’s geography and the continuing deterioration of its air defenses limit its efforts to fend off frequent missile and drone attacks.

Second, some Russian military bloggers said that Iran’s attack on Israel on April 13 increased the threat of military escalation in the Middle East and the West’s interest in support, especially

Third, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Alexander Syrsky, said that the Russian military command intends to complete the capture of Chasov Yar before `Victory Day` May 9.

Fourth, Russia’s ongoing restructuring of the Western Military District into two Moscow and Leningrad Military Districts is said to be leading to changes in the scope of operational responsibilities of Russian military groups in Ukraine.

Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry reportedly fired the commanders of a combined arms army group and a motorized rifle regiment operating in southern Ukraine, likely for failing to retake territory.

Friday, Ukrainian troops advanced south of Kremennaya and southwest of Donetsk, while Russian troops recently made confirmed advances near Chasov Yar (west of Bakhmut) and Avdiivka.

Compare Israeli and Ukrainian air defenses in disrupting attacks

Iran launched UAVs and missiles aimed at Israel (Photo: Foxnews).

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