Britain allowed Ukraine to use military aid to attack Crimea
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Britain allowed Ukraine to use military aid to attack Crimea

(Dan Tri) – The British Defense Minister confirmed that Ukraine can use any weapons donated by the UK to attack the Crimean peninsula.

The Crimea Bridge (or Kerch Bridge) connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean peninsula caught fire in October 2022 (Photo: AFP).

`As you know, we have authorized the use of weapons on Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, which we believe is an integral part of Ukraine,` British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said.

Minister Shapps refused to reveal further details about the exact agreements London and Kiev had reached.

The head of the British Ministry of Defense further emphasized that Britain will always allow the use of its weapons in Ukraine and other countries with full compliance with international humanitarian law.

Mr. Shapps said that the scenario of Russia winning in Ukraine is `unacceptable`.

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014 after a controversial referendum in 2014. After the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, Crimea continuously became the target of raids.

Earlier this month, during a visit to Kiev, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also announced that Britain would give Ukraine 3 billion pounds each year as long as necessary and did not object to Kiev using weapons donated by London to target Russia.

`In terms of what Ukraine did, in our view it was their decision to use weapons, they were defending themselves. We’re not discussing any warnings, but it’s clear that Russia

`Ukraine has that right. Just as Russia is attacking inside Ukraine, you can completely understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it can defend itself,` he argued.

Russian officials immediately criticized Mr. Cameron’s statement, calling it one of the `dangerous` statements by Western officials.

On May 6, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned British ambassador Nigel Casey to protest.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Cameron’s statement `admitted that Britain is in fact a party to the conflict.`

`Ambassador Casey was warned that Russia could attack any British military facilities and equipment inside or outside Ukraine, if Kiev uses British weapons to attack Russian territory,` the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the UK denied that Ambassador Casey was summoned, affirming that he only met with Russian officials `to discuss diplomacy`, emphasizing that the UK continues to support Ukraine.

Britain is still one of the countries providing the most military aid to Ukraine.

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