Beauty `paradise` for rich Chinese in Seoul
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Beauty `paradise` for rich Chinese in Seoul

(Dan Tri) – As the income of Chinese people improves, more and more young people are interested in beauty and more and more people come to Korea on `slap-trip` trips, hoping to possess beauty no matter what.

On the streets of Apgujeong, a neighborhood in the Korean capital Seoul and a `paradise` for plastic surgery in Asia, there are many new faces coming in, wanting to be `upgraded`.

“As income in China improves, people care more about beauty, and more and more people come to Korea” to “search” for beauty, said Sung Min-yun, a company owner.

Su Hong is a typical example.

It was too square, she was worried and was willing to spend more than $4,500 to have a smaller face.

The student further explained that her mother would pay for the surgery.

Korea has long been famous as a plastic surgery `paradise` for Asian women.

Therefore, `it was a life-or-death surgery,` said Park Sanghoon, the doctor who founded ID Clinic.

And “we know what they want,” Dr. Park affirmed.

According to Mr. Park, almost half of Chinese women coming to ID Clinic today bring photos of two famous Chinese actors with doll-like faces, Fan Bingbing and Angelababy.

These actresses embody the fashionable beauty in Asia with “big eyes, high noses and small faces,” Zhao Ting explains.

According to Zhao, women who come to Korea “know that Angelababy also has plastic surgery and they think if she can transform from an ugly duckling into a swan, then why can’t they.

However, according to analysts, more and more simpler surgeries, such as nose correction, eye enlargement, and most commonly, double eyelid surgery, are being performed in China, by the surgeons themselves.

Mr. Sung, a medical industry consultant, said he is advising a Chinese company to open a network of about 100 plastic surgery hospitals across China within the next 12 months.

But Mr. Sung also had to admit that although Chinese doctors `possess more and more techniques, they do not have the aesthetic sense` of their more experienced Korean colleagues.

And they gained even more trust after the case of a young Chinese singer who died at the hands of domestic plastic surgeons last November.

“The market in China is still young and large,” said Zhang Nan, a woman who runs “Korea Beauty” operations in Seoul.

She said she plans to double her business this year, targeting smaller cities in China.

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